Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cross Stitch

Hello My Lovelies,

In my profile I say that I do needlework - Cross Stitch to be precise; but up until now I have hardly posted about this hobby of mine. There are several reasons for that:

1. Life has been so hectic lately [8+ months] that I've hardly had any spare time to blog, let alone stitch

2. I haven't given enough importance to this hobby that I love

3. I have let other things & other people talk me into spending time doing less important tasks.

Now, I have nobody to blame for this but myself & there are days when I have let others persuade me into forgetting about my priorities & focus on them BUT I think it is time for a change.

It's embarrassing to admit but someone who I only know from an on-line stitching group & who lives on the other side of the world is the catalyst for my change of heart!

I am a member of several on-line stitching groups, one for Australian residents only & two for people from all over the world. Through my email inbox I get a daily update on what people are posting about in these groups; we all talk about the projects we are working on & some people even post personal items - birthdays, birth of children, etc.

It is nice to learn these little tidbits of information from people that you will probably never meet, they usually include photos & it helps in feeling part of a little community. Quite a few members have their own blogs & they regularly update them with photos of projects & family & pets & all the other adventures that our lives bring.

One of these lovely ladies is my catalyst; Joke is a librarian who lives in the Netherlands & from both of her blogs you can clearly see that she has a passion for all types of needlework.

Just this evening she posted about one of her blog updates & because I was doing some other on-line research & had a spare minute, I clicked on the link & read her latest post. It was this post that inspired me to blog tonight & also inspired me to no longer neglect that which I so adore - Cross Stitch!

As you will see from her blog this lady adores the naive style of stitching & obviously has a home that will match the older style designs that she lovingly creates. While this style of design is not something that I love, there are some notable exceptions to the rule:

This first design from Crescent Colours is the perfect design for a Fashionista - something that I try to be!

This design is just simply beautiful, I do have a huge soft spot for Christmas designs; especially those that feature snow - probably because I have dreamt of experiencing a white Christmas since I was a child :)

This last design is just simply divine! I can think of no other word to use; the colour, the various elements - in my book it would look perfectly at home in the lounge room or craft room of a thoroughly modern home as it would in a traditional style home. Don't you agree?

So, my Lovelies - have you ever let life & the people around you stop you from engaging some of your spare time in something that you love?

If so, how did you tactfully overcome this little dilemma?

Did you, quietly & peacefully explain you needed more time for yourself; or did you lay down the law that a certain time period on a certain day was yours & yours alone ...

We all handle these challenges in our lives in different ways; I think that I will just have to be more firm about what I do with the portion of my spare time that I use to devote to my stitching.

I shall claim the time back for stitching, not just for myself but for my sanity & peace in my house - I'll let you know how my experiment goes later; wish me luck!

Until next time, take care & make sure you hug & kiss the ones you love.

Mish :)