Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good New from Uni!

Hello My Lovelies :)

I got great news from uni today - the results of the Statistics Module Test for last week. My score was 87% - that's my highest score this year - yahoo!!!

Mind you I'm still having all sorts of issues trying to find at least ONE book, etc I can use for my research essay - but the hunt continues, as I have more books to pick up from the library after work tomorrow night. Sheesh, I really didn't think the topic I chose would be so hard to get information about but I might have to have another look at my topic options ... which means another mind map - oh joy of joys!

Actually, I enjoy making mind maps, the only problem I'm really having is that uni have chosen the topic & we must pick the 2 specific aspects relating to the topic that we want to discuss in our essay. The topic is:

" The Australian lifestyle has created some problems for the natural environment. Discuss two of these problems and that ways they are being addressed."

The aspects I chose are; [1] the mis-use of water & [2] the effect of plastic bags on the lives of animals in our creeks & our oceans; & it is the second area that is causing me the most grief.

I can find lots of information relating to the mis-use of water & thankfully today I found a great book that talks in detail about the Murray-Darling Basin; but trying to find someone who has written in detail about the effect of plastic bags on local wildlife is almost impossible.

So, my darlings, wish me luck as I go on my little journey into cyberspace over the next few days - which means it may be quite a while before I get the chance to post again :)

So until next time, take care, stay safe & make sure you hug & kiss the ones you love.

Mish :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Night Quickie!

Hello My Lovelies!

Just a Monday night quickie post :)

I was so wrong yesterday morning when I said it wasn't cold on the Gold Coast, because it certainly was chilly on the motorbike! We ended up having to go to two different farmers markets to get what we wanted, but we got to try a Nikimaki [not sure about the spelling] - a Japanese dish of steamed rice, wrapped in Pork & then baked in the oven with a type of soy sauce spooned over the top while cooking. It was very yummy :) :) :)

So we didn't get to Voila' for a yummy, as we were too full from the delicious Japanese. In the afternoon I spent about 4 hours on the computer doing some uni work & research for my uni essay which is due in about 9 weeks - argh!

Quite honestly, it's the research that takes the most time, because:

1 - you have to go & look for articles, books, etc on the topic
2 - read parts of them to see if they are relevant
3 - if they are then you can start to really read the details
4 - take notes from the text to use in your essay
5 - perhaps take even a quote or two

BUT if they are not relevant, then you have to start the whole process all over again - Phew! - no wonder I was over it all by 4.30pm.

So, I went for a nice long walk & yes I was very tired by the time I got back; luckily hubby had made a beautiful rustic Italian soup of potato & berlotti beans - the recipe is in the current issue of the Australian Better Homes & Gardens magazine, but of course hubby changed it!

Actually, he made it exactly to the recipe to start with, tasted it; then changed it by adding a onion which he caramelised in another pan, some garlic, salt, pepper, a tin of tomatoes & more fennell seeds. In the end it was really yummy & there is enough leftovers for a few more meals - yeah!

Before you ask, yes I was able to send of my assessment due today [Monday] in time - I actually emailed it to my lecturer at 9.15pm on Saturday night! I was also able to fix a few things in two other assessments [kindly pointed out by the lecturer], thankfully she gave me the opportunity to change things & resend them to her via email. This is not the first time that she has done this for me & I'm beginning to think that this is part of the way she supports her external students; which really is a very lovely form of support to have. It's great to have a lecturer who will reply to you, point out your mistakes & give you the opportunity to fix them before they mark the assessment - I'm sure we all remember how easy it is to make silly mistakes when you are trying to reach a deadline.

Anyway, I better run as I'm starting to feel quite tired & hubby is starting work early in the morning, so I'll have to make my own breakfast & be ready to leave the house 30 minutes early than normal as I have to drop Nic off at school on the way to work. This is something I always do when he has a shift at Woolworths after school, that way his expensive bicycle [thanks mum & dad] is safe in our garage & I know he will get home safely after his shift is over, as I go & pick him up. Yes, I'm still being the protective mother [as much as he lets me] even though my 'baby' is 17!

Until next time, take care, stay safe & make sure you hug & kiss the ones you love.

Mish :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Morning

Hello My Lovelies :)

Just a quick Sunday morning post! Yes, I know I should still be in bed sleeping away the cold winter morning - but it's really not that cold here on the Gold Coast today; plus I'm having a great time posting this while listening to an audio book version of 'A Thousand Days In Venice' by Marlena de Blasi; I've only been up since 7am & that's pretty normal for a Sunday for me :)

Today, I think hubby & I will visit the Farmers Markets at the racecourse, go to our favourite French Cafe & Patisserie - Voila at Mudgeeraba for coffee & something delicious & then I will probably spend the remainder of the day doing some more study for university.

I spent nearly 5 hours last night working on one subject - I was 2 weeks behind & only had until 5pm Monday [tomorrow] to email in the module assessment. The past few weeks at work have been very hectic & rather stressful - but I'm not going to elaborate, as I need to forget all about it for at least 2 days, or I may not go back on Monday. Yes, I'm still very undecided about this new job - but something happened on Friday that may become the catalyst for change - but we shall wait & see!

Anyway, I'm going to sign off now & sit back & enjoy the beautiful omlete with cheese, shallots & fried onion lovingly made for me by my handsome hubby!

Until next time, take care, stay safe & make sure you hug & kiss the ones you love.

Mish :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello Again :)

Hello my Lovelies :)

Just a quick post tonight - I've just finished two hours of uni study in Computing & sent off two of my interim assessment activities to the lecturer & tonights effort also means I am nearly two weeks ahead with this subject - yeah!

The other good news is that we finished orientation of the new students today - well for 100 out of the 165 new students we were expecting - apparently it is quite normal for a good percentage of them to not turn up - incredible I know ...

So, I think I'm starting to feel better about my new job - while some of us were busy taking student photos & processing their paperwork, other staff members were packing up & moving some classroom equipment to the new building. Maybe that means I won't have to wait another three weeks for a desk of my own - but I guess we shall see ...

Anyway, I'm running away now, as I've decided to reward myself with a whole uninterrupted hour of TV!

Until next time, take care & make sure you hug & kiss the ones you love.

Mish :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quick Post

Hello my lovelies :)

Sorry it's been so long since my last post but life has been very hectic lately.

I'm in the middle of week 3 at my new job & still reserving my judgment; I only got a laptop to work from & full email access today at lunch. I realise they are about to move to new premises but why go on about being under pressure & needing help, then bring on new staff to take the workload but not give them the tools they need to do the job properly - sheesh!

Back to university this week & I am determined to not fall behind at all this semester; I took a contract position last semester that involved long hours & all subjects except one got left behind, as I was too tired to study at night. Not this time - I will not allow myself to do that again & consequently the new position I took is a lot more junior than what I am use to - but I am hoping this means little or no overtime & consequently the opportunity to get my uni work done on time.

We also celebrated Nic's 17th birthday at the end of last month [photos later in another post]. Everyone had a great time, even if the food at the restaurant we chose left a lot to be desired - thankfully the manager was happy to take the horrible meal off the bill & not charge us corkage for the champagne or cakeage for the cake we took to the restaurant. It was just a pity that hubby had a bad experience & as a former chef he is the LAST person a restaurant wants to serve a sub-standard meal too. Let's just say anyone who asked about the night out got a full account of how horrible the food was - I suspect he's turned off many people from trying their food - oops!

Other than that we're hoping we are almost at the other end of the cold weather on the Gold Coast - I don't mind Winter but our townhouse has NO insulation, so we boil in Summer & freeze in Winter :( I'm so looking forward to the day that I own my own house with a fireplace & insulation & those clever ceiling heaters/fan/lights in the bathroom!

Anyway, I better run & get stuck into my uni work.

Until next time, take care & make sure you hug & kiss the ones you love.

Mish :)

P.S. Hope you like my new photo at the top!