Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I think I understand Algebra!

I just had to post this quickly - I CANNOT believe that I flunked the basic level of maths in school & now I think I actually understand Algebra - OMG!!!

We were suppose to start these lessons last week but I had to delay it, as I needed to resit my 2nd module maths test - still waiting on my results :(

So, tonight I got home, got changed & sat down at my laptop & started working on only maths - I want to get at least one week in front, so that I have the option to go back & redo, if I need to.

But it seems that I might not need to take this option - still it will be nice to be a week in front.

Tomorrow night I am going to work on the last third of this section & hopefully finish off the test for the end of the module.

Then next week I can start working on the other third of the 9th lesson, which is Equations.

Oh what fun!

Until next time, take care.

Mish :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Phew - what a busy week I'm having!

Even my weekend was full to the brim. While hubby worked on Saturday I trained & then taught Tai Chi, ran a few errands & finally got to spend a few hours later in the afternoon indulging myself by reading a book.

Took Nic [as pack mule] with me to the markets Sunday morning & spent the afternoon trying not to swear & cry while completing the second version of my 2nd module maths test. I emailed the test to my lecturer about 4pm - haven't got the results yet ..... just hoping I get more than 50% - that's a pass.

Then in the evening I decided to make some Potato & Leek Soup for dinner on Monday night - it was yummy & there are still a few servings left in the fridge - lunch for work :)

Working full-time while studying part-time & doing all the other things I have on my plate certainly doesn't give me much spare time.

That's why I decided to post tonight, as I have to spend Wednesday, Thursday & Friday night working on university studies - although I will take an hour off to watch Better Homes & Gardens.

I've just finished giving myself a manicure - I had to as I broke a nail at work today :( but at least I now have pretty gold fingernails :)

I decided to get up a half an hour earlier & spend the time doing Yoga on the WiiFit - but so far I haven't manage to do it once ...

I did do 30mins of yoga on Monday after training & teaching but I have to do it at least 4 times a week to gain any effect. I know I should also be doing some of the muscle & aerobic exercises, but I just couldn't find the energy to make myself sweat that much!

Most of the books I've been reading lately seem to be focused on beauty, or more specifically, French beauty & how French women seem to stay so youthful looking for much longer than the rest of us.

I have a French girlfriend & she always looks lovely, even in our training outfit - she just seems to exude that air of grace & elegance that is built-in in French women.

Sometimes I wish I had just a little bit of French ancestry in my family somewhere, preferrably someone with a flat in the heart of Paris that I could borrow sometime in the future ....

My parents are off to Europe in August this year & about the only two places that they will be visiting that I am jealous about is Paris & Rome.

If hubby & I ever get to take a trip to Italy he's going to have to superglue me to him to get me back on the plane, as I am certain I will refuse to leave!

So, because I LOVE Paris & Rome & because I need to go to bed, I thought I would leave you with a few photos of these two amazing cities.

Vatican City

Notre Dame


Eiffel Tower

Until next time, take care, stay safe & make sure you hug & kiss the ones you love.

Mish :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

University & Work

Got good news & some not so good news today.

I start working at a local university tomorrow for a month as the PA to the Dean of ### [I'm leaving out the subject on purpose] - yeah!

I just received an email from my maths lecturer. I got 84% on the first test, 48% on the second test & 80% on my third test. This means that I now have to sit another version of the second test, because I did not reach 50% - sigh :(

So, now I have to find time in my schedule to resit the test while I work full-time, plus I have to notify the university of who my exam supervisor is going to be for our exams in week 12 & week 26.

Unfortunately my first choice cannot help because she is working, so it looks like I will have to ask a favour of another friend, as you cannot use family.

PLUS I have training in Brisbane on Friday night at headquarters, teaching on Saturday morning & we have planned to take a trip to Brisvegas [Brisbane] to hunt around Chinatown for an outfit to use for the QLD State Tai Chi Competition later this year.

Now I'm thinking that perhaps Sunday will be devoted to resitting my maths test - as I doubt I will get the opportunity to complete it today, due to other university work.

So, I'm going to have a rather hectic weekend - which is why I'm posting now & not on Monday [as per usual] & Yes I do realise that I am procrastinating by posting now - lol!

Anyway, enjoy the next few days & your weekend, whatever you have planned.

Until next time, take care & stay safe.

Mish :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Stitching Progress on Wiehenburg Heart

Hello Again :)

Got two more progress photos to show you of the work I have done on the Weihenburg Heart.

The first photo is Friday nights stitching effort & the second photo is Saturday nights stitching effort.

I am really happy with the progress I have made & I cannot wait to finish this one & start working on the 2009 design.

Back at university this week, only problem is we've had a few email issues at home & I suspect that uni is experiencing the same challenges - as they haven't sent us this weeks work update.

Never mind - I'll just have to make sure that I log on bright & early Tuesday morning, so that I don't fall behind.

I've had a busy day today, running errands, washing, dealing with our email problems & I have Tai Chi tonight - it will be a nice way to end today.

The weekend was also busy - I started Saturday morning as normal with Tai Chi training & then teaching. After that hubby & I ran an errand or two & did have plans to go out for coffee but we needed to go home to drop off my set of house keys to Nic [he left them at the mechanics on Friday] - only problem was that once we got home I fell asleep on the lounge for a few hours; so I spent Saturday evening stitching into the wee small hours.

Sunday morning I slept in, luckily we got to the markets just in time to pick up all the fruit & vegetables we need for the week. We even found a new stall that sells pre-made Japanese Curry Sauce - it was more spicey than hot & we took home a packet of the sauce to use for dinner later this week :)

We spent the afternoon visiting my parents & uncle - Mum & Dad are going to Europe for 10 weeks later this year - lucky things! Can you believe that Mum is already making plans for who needs to do what while they are away ... typical mother, we can never be too organised can we - lol!

Speaking of which, I think I might have to start planning my 'shopping list' for the trip - how exciting!

Until next time, take care & stay safe.

Mish :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Stitching!

Just finished a quick 'chat' on the Wiehenburg Yahoo Group & discovered that Martina designed another heart for Valentine's 2009.

Hubby has the day off today, I showed him the design & he likes it!

So I've decided to use the left over red fabric to stitch this design in the same manner as my current project, I'll get them framed the same & then they will be hung in our bedroom.

It's always exciting when stitching serendipity happens!

Mish :)

Stitchng & Uni Holidays

I am really enjoying my university holidays - even if its is only for one week. I'm using the time to re-organise the house & do lots of stitching :)

I took two projects away with me to Tenterfield but unfortunately did not have a good enough light source to do much work in the evenings on either of them.

I am still working on the baby sampler gift but I did get some work done on Valentine Heart 2008 pattern from Kristine Herber at Dragonfly Stitches. Thankfully, I was able to finish off the project last night [photo below].

I did have to frog [undo] most of the left side border stitching as I had mis-counted the placement of these stitches & did not realise until I got to the bottom - argh!

The design is only 53 x 53 stitches in size - so not that large & the fabric is 28 count natural linen - so it was a fairly easy project to stitch.

Next time we go away I'm either going to take a portable stitching light with me or not take any stitching with me at all - problem with option 1 is that a portable light from Spotlight is $129.00 - ouch! Might have to wait a little while for this little splurge.

I also started working on the Wiehenburg Heart sampler last night - yeah!

I only got in 90 minutes of stitching time but because I am using one colour & because I use both methods of creating the stitches my progress was more than I expected.

Being a self taught stitcher, I do not let myself get up with the 'rules' of stitching. Yes I know this will probably shock more than a few stitchers but I find that this works to my advantage at times, as I am willing to try new ideas for creating unusual projects.

The only challenge I am having with this project is the fabric; the edges were not overlocked & I had to pull out the cut threads so that I had an even edge to start working from; regardless of this I am really enjoying this project.

I have no idea what I am going to do with the piece when it is finished - it is not suitable for a pillow & I'm not sure where in the house I could hang it; so I'm rather stuck for ideas.

I would love to hear any of your suggestions :)

Going to spend today stitching, reading, visiting the library & our local art gallery - fun :)

Until next time, take care.

Mish :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trip to Tenterield, NSW

Well our trip to Tenterfield, NSW was certainly an interesting one!

We dropped Nic off at Warwick, QLD on the way down to Tenterfield. He spent the weekend with his friend Steve & they had fun at the Dat Nats [Datsun National Car Competition].

Consequently, we had to pick him up on the way home & because it was after lunch on Easter Monday when we arrived at Warwick the trip home was in the rain & much slower than the drive down. We got caught in a long line of traffic going back over the mountains to the eastern side & you know how some people drive when it's raining, I thought a few times that we might have an accident - thankfully we arrived home safe & in one piece :)

Living on the Gold Coast the main thing I miss is Autumn - we have such a tropical climate here that the leaves on the trees do not change colours. The photo below is of the grove of trees running down either side of the main road to Linda's home, it was the first thing I saw Saturday morning - how pretty :)

Michael & I stayed with Linda; while she was at work we visited with Abi & Wally - it was the first time that all the partners in the land were together, so we got the opportunity to talk about lots of things.

On Easter Sunday we decided it was the perfect time to take a drive out to the land & get the chance to walk over it. The land is 82km [as the crow flies] west of Tenterfield & is behind Haystack Mountain [below].

On the main road there are letterboxes for several properties which are in front of our land & there is a long gravel private access road that runs down the side of all the farms. As you can see from the photo below the first farm is quite large & all the other properties are of a similar size.

Then, you get to the front fence of the adjoining property 'Ohm Shalom' which is a commune, but there is a rather large large ridge [below] between that you must get over to arrive at the western boundary of our land. Consequently, we did not get over the ridge & did not get to walk over any part of the land.

I found this very annoying myself, as we were lead to believe that we would walk over the land on the day, but I was more disappointed for Michael; as he had trusted his friends & partners in the land [he was unable to see the land in person when purchasing]. He came away feeling very sad about the whole situation.

It now means that we need to totally change our minds about what we are going to do when Nic leaves school for University at the end of 2010/2011.

We did have a nice diversion on the way home, at The Summit, which is just north of Stanthorpe, Qld - we found Castle Glen. A vineyard where the wine tasting cellar is a Castle. They sell wine & liquers, fudge, jams & chutneys - all made on the premises. We came home with 2 bottles of liquer, some Shiraz Jam for ourselves & a few late Easter presents for my parents.

So, our weekend away was a mixed bag of experiences & emotions & we have come away with the need to talk & think more about our future. I am hopeful that together we will be able to make the right decision.

I hope that everyone else had a wonderful & happy Easter break.
Until next time, take care.

Mish :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Reward Night!

I decided to reward myself today by spending a few hours [okay more than a few hours] at Borders Books in Robina & left the store with a new book:

How To Have Creative Ideas by Edward De Bono.

Bascially, its a workbook for becoming more creative in your thinking & I'm hoping it will help me with the rest of my studies this year & beyond. So, tomorrow I am going to purchase myself a nice new writing book, in which to record my journey. I might even share a few things here - but I'm not sure how this is all going to go, so let's just wait & see.

I've also spent the better part of this evening rewarding myself by reading a blog by Belle de Jour of the Secret Diary of a London Call Girl fame.

I know some people might be a little shocked or upset that I regularly read the blog of a former escort, but as I see it, she choose that life & how often do you get to find out what it's really like on the other side of the fence...?

Not that often really, these days most people couldn't be bothered to make the effort to find out how the world is from someone else's viewpoint & I have found that in some ways we have similar opinions on things.

No, I'm not going to change careers & become a call girl - you can calm down now Mum - lol!

What I mean is, that I understand why she thinks the way she does on certain issues.

In this age where "celebrity" is celebrated, why is it so hard to believe that a woman chooses to be an escort ...?

We all have to work for a living & I'm sure that we have all done things we haven't liked while at work - a shop assistant dealing with an angry customer springs to mind.

So, why is it that her choice is the wrong one?

Why is it, that it is okay for politicians to visit strip clubs & pay for escorts with their government credit card but that it's not okay for a woman to choose this lifestyle...

Yes, I know I am on my soapbox here, but I really cannot understand how people can have such double standards anymore.

Obviously, its okay for a celebrity to be so drunk that when she is standing outside a nightclub having her photo taken by the press, she doesn't realise that one breast is hanging out ...

If you or I did something like that, our families would pack us up & send us off to rehab & with good reason too!

But, because Tara Reid [sorry Tara but it was you] did this, its acceptable ... puh-lease people; when are you going to wake up & smell the hummus!

What I'm trying to say here is that, we all need to be a lot more tolerant of people with different views & lifestyles to us.

Today I was guilty of this very same thing; the cashier who served me when I bought my book was a charming young lady. Mid 20s, long curly hair, dressed in Mary Janes with long striped socks, an asymetrical skirt & t-shirt & 1 or 2 facial piercings. To me, she looked like a very 'alternate' type of person.

While talking I found out she's a big Sci-Fi fan, & although she works in a bookstore, she knows nothing about childrens books but had a customer enquiry for a childrens book with butterflies. Luckily I was able to recommend the Felicity Wishes books by Emma Thomson [the actress]; I have read more than a few of these books & they are all simply wonderful!

I had completely mis-judged her [sorry], from her appearance she did not appear to be a Sci-Fi enthusiast. Good thing for me is that now I will be able to use her recommedations to purchase a good Sci-Fi book for hubby :)

So, next time you meet someone who doesn't fit your "idea" do us all a favour & take sometime to find out what is going on behind the persona they show to the world. You might just find someone very interesting :)

Until next time, take care.

Mish :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Assessments Finished!

I've just finished emailing off my Maths & Computing assessments! My Language & Learning assessment gets put in the mail in the morning.

NOW I can rest & enjoy my university holidays.


Mish :)

Uni Work & Craft

This week is full of assessments for university, finishing off some final crafty projects & getting organised for our trip to Tenterfield for Easter!

Below is a photo of the vest that I made for hubby; granted it is a little large but he's not exactly small & I looked everywhere for a pattern but could not find one, so I made it up as I knitted. Hubby says the vest is lovely & warm & it is the first thing he will pack for our trip to Tenterfield.

Later tonight or tomorrow I will finish making him a pair of bed socks - basically they are just too long tubes of wool. I am going to have to get some ribbon to use as ties for the top; but at least they will keep his feet warm [photo later].

For those of you that don't know my hubby, he's 6'6" & a human imitation of a bear, only with less hair!

The vest took 6 balls of wool for the front two panels & about 9 balls for the back & finishing. The wool is mohair, cotton & acrylic blend & was given to me by a friend ages ago. Problem is I don't remember who, but I must say a HUGE THANK YOU to them anyway.

University work this week has been full on as this is our last week before the Easter break & of course there are assessments to hand in for nearly every subject. I have yet to finish the Maths assessment [which I can send in via email], but that one always seems to be last; probably because Maths is my worst subject.

Thankfully the assessment for Language & Learning [English plus extras] is done & I will post it off to my lecturer today [cannot be sent via email]. I emailed my two Computing assessments to the lecturer this morning & there are no assessments due for TPS [tertiary preparation skills], but I have made sure that I am up to date with everything.

I am planning on using my holiday break to re-read some of the resource material sent to me to see if anything new can be found or if there was something that I missed; I'm also going to ask my son if he would be willing to help me review Maths - that way I have an actual person to ask questions.

This seems to be the most difficult aspect of being an external student; because you do not get face-to-face time with your lecturers, if you get stuck on a tricky problem then you have to try & explain it via email & I'm not very good at this or very quick at picking up Maths. I am still waiting on the results of my last maths assessment from two weeks ago, but I think the reason is that the lecturer is busy - hopefully I will have the result before my holidays.

We normally stay home at Easter but this year decided to take a trip out into the country to Tenterfield. Hubby & I are partners in 1,500 hectares of Aussie bush 82km [51 miles] west of the town & our plan is to eventually move out there to live. We will be staying with Linda [partner in land] for four days & will be dropping Nic off at a friend's in Warwick on the way.

The plan is to visit the land & do some walking over it, explore the surrounding area & see how feasible it will be for us to start building out there later this year. Our first project will be a large machinery shed with a small cottage annexed on the side. The cottage will be one large room that will contain a bed, kitchen, bathroom & living area & will become our 'base camp' for when we commence building the main house.

We think that we want to build the house on top of the plateau but the base camp has main road access & the plateau doesn't, so we will need to use it as the location to drop off supplies, etc. I will be taking lots of photos of the land & the surrounding area, so that we will have something to use when we start planning the actual house.

It's certainly going to be one big adventure - one that we are both looking forward to!

Finally, this is a photo of my son, Nic, wearing his new sunglasses; only problem is that because the photo was taken at night you cannot see that the lenses are mirrored!

He thinks he looks pretty cool & I have to agree with him!

Until next time, take care.

Mish :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Gold Coast Craft Show

I promised in an earlier post to tell you what happened at the recent Gold Coast Craft Show; which was held at the Convention Centre at Broadbeach.

I spent the three days of the show helping out Helen at Stitchabout - she sells great cross stitch kits, charts & some fabric; it was great to spend the time with her & I found out that she was a Millinery major at TAFE but didn't go into the profession as she fell pregnant with her daughter.

At the end of the show I picked up a few pieces from Helen:

* By The Fire - cross stitch kit from Anchor

* Jardin d' Rouge - chart from Needlemania

* Tres Mariposas [3 butterflies] - chart from Calico Crossroads

* Lucky Owls - chart & fabric for handmade stuffed Owls from Be Be Bold Japanese Textiles

Be Be Bold Japanese Textiles had some of the most beautiful japanese fabric I have seen in quite a while - only problem for me was that I have put a moratorium on myself from purchasing anymore fabric, until I finish my current sewing projects.

I also want Windswept which is the companion piece to By The Fire, hopefully Helen will remember to bring it with her to the Brisbane show in May. From what I know these two are reproductions of designs released by Anchor in the 1930's.

I also picked up a few pieces of fabric from the boys at Sew It All.

* Three pieces of linen with opalescent thread through them & one piece of red linen.

I am not sure what projects the opalescent fabric is for but the red linen is for a freebie pattern from Stickideen von der Wiehenburg .

I am part of the Yahoo Group of Martina Dey, the designer & she has graciously given members of the group a free pattern to stitch. Quite a few ladies in the group are stitching this pattern in various colourways & on different fabrics & I thought that a white heart on red would look nice [I will post progress photos later].

* A piece of natural 32 count linen for the band sampler 'A Grateful Heart'. I'm not sure how this project is going to be as I have never worked on such small a count fabric before - wish me luck :)

The pattern comes from the Just Cross Stitch magazine & is in three parts, so it will be almost September before I have the complete pattern & I am able to start working on this piece.

I suspect that I will possibly change the colours in the chart, as the example uses The Gentle Art Sampler Threads & I will use DMC Cottons, as I prefer the robustness & colourfastness of the DMC - so there might have to be some colour changes to make the finished project look right.

So, I came home with a rather nice stash. Mind you it was not as large as some of the ladies that I saw at the show!

I had a great couple of days & now just have to find the time to fit these projects in around my uni studies & hopefully some part-time work!

Until next time, take care & stay safe.


Mish :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Uni Lunch

Just had to share with you a picture of what lunch looks like when you are an external Uni student.

Mish :)

Food & Uni Work

I’m at home today trying to catch up on uni work for Language & Learning & one other subject. It’s raining here on the Gold Coast & the temperature has dropped somewhat, so I decided it would be the perfect day to cook roast vegetables.

You see, the oven in our rented townhouse doesn’t work all that well & most items take a considerable amount of time longer to cook than they should normally. Yes we’ve asked about getting it replaced but when you consider that it took the owners two years to put security screens on our three back doors & one window [this was after everyone else except us had been broken into & hubby was working nights]; I doubt very much that they will replace the oven anytime soon.

So, here I am at home, doing uni work & cooking roasted vegetables. Do you know how HARD it is to study when all you can smell is vegetables roasting!?!

Granted, I’ve had to check on them & swap the two trays between shelves while the cooking happens, but every time I open the oven I get overwhelmed by the smell & my stomach starts to make the loudest noises – lol!

So you know that as soon as they are cooked that is exactly what I’ll be eating – even a piece of chocolate wasn’t sufficient to change my stomach’s desires.

[the vegetables all cooked & ready for me to eat!]

Anyway, that’s enough from me – better get back to the uni work or it won’t be finished in time & I have an assessment that I must put in the post by next Thursday at the latest.

Until next time, stay safe


Mish :)