Friday, June 19, 2009


Hello my Lovelies!

Just a quick post, as tonight I am celebrating passing my Maths Exam - yeah!

I got 80% or a Distinction for the exam, which I am very happy with - honestly I would have been happy with just a pass [60%] but I obviously learnt more than I thought - could that mean that there might be a functioning brain under all my hair - lol!

To celebrate, I've changed the header photo to an Abacus.

Until next time, stay safe & make sure you hug & kiss the ones you love.

Mish :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Dance!

Hello my Lovelies :)

I'm doing a happy dance today as I just found out that I got the job!

I ended up having to attend three interviews so they could be sure that they really wanted me - but honestly who wouldn't want little ole' me - lol!

I start on Monday next week; I had the positioned confirmed over the phone by the HR manager, she was surprised that my new boss had not yet called me to tell me the good news - c'est la vie - it doesn't matter. Now I am just waiting for my new boss to call & confirm the final details - start time, etc.

So I'm trying to spend this week catching up on all those little errands we never get around to; like repairing shoes & boots that have been broken for nearly a year, replacing watch batteries & getting the band on another watch fixed so it can be worn; I also need to get the clasp replaced on a gold necklace.

The original clasp broke nearly 18 months ago & I got it fixed straight away but within a month or so the new catch broke again, I had intended to take the necklace back to the jewellers who did the repair [as they had talked me into a different type of catch as a replacement] but I always forgot about it or got distracted doing other things while at the shopping centre. Eventually I remembered but it was more than 6 months later & I knew that I could not prove what happened in the first place, so my beautiful gold necklace with the Amethyst pendant got put in the bottom of my jewellery box & I forgot about it for quite some time. Then, about 2 months ago an old friend asked me where the necklace was & I realised that I still hadn't got the clasp fixed - so I decided that would be one of the things I would cross off my 'to do' list this week before I start at my new job. Now I just have to find another jeweller to complete the repair.

I also put the overlocker in for a service & repair; I was making hubby new pants for work the other day & got about half way through the process when the overlocker refused to work anymore; upon further inspection I realised that two moving parts had separated & there was no way to rectify the problem without the help of an expert. Hopefully the machine will be ready to pick up after work one day next week & then all I need to do is find some spare time to finish the project.

I'm still on holidays from university until 6 July, so I'm sure there will be a few spare nights to do some sewing; although I am currently trying to finish off one needlework project so that I can enter it into the Mudgeeraba Show at the end of June.

Can you believe that I still have in my possession the 40th birthday present/canvas creation that I made for my girlfriend ... incredible! I sent her an email the week before the Wintersun Festival to let her know I could pop over & deliver the present to her but did not hear back from her & so just assumed that she was busy showing her car at the festival. She has an amazing 1970's VW bug that has been restored & painted Pink & Purple - so, next time you are driving through the Tweed Heads area you might see her zooming along!

Now I'm thinking that I might use this as my entry into the Mudgeeraba Show ... that is if I don't get to catch up with my girlfriend before the end of this month; maybe then you will all finally be able to see some photos of my creation.

Anyway, I better run - I need to think of something to cook for dinner as I've been doing nearly all of the cooking lately now that hubby is working such long days.

Until next time, take care & make sure you hug & kiss the ones you love.

Mish :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Uni, Needlework & Wintersun Festival

Helloo my lovelies :)

I know its been a while since our last little chat, which is the reason why this post is going to be a little long.

I've been rather busy lately, I've had 3 interviews for a new job & I find out on Monday - so keep your fingers & toes crossed for me!

I finally got the results from my Computing Assessment - my result was HD or a high distinction for those who don't understand uni lingo - HOW FANTASTIC!!!

Just waiting on my last Maths module result & the Maths Exam & I'll be finished for the first semester - we start studying again in the second week of July, which I'm looking forward to after getting such great results.

While on holidays from university I've taken the opportunity to do some needlework - I've completed a bit more of the 2008 Wiehenburg Heart [first photo] & I also started on the 2009 Heart [second photo].

I also did some more work on the Goldfish, a pattern from an old edition of the Jill Oxton magazine - I actually started working on this project while I was working at the Brisbane Craft Show, so the first photo is of the work that I did during the show & the second photo is what I've completed since. My hope is to finish & frame it in time to enter the piece into the Mudgeeraba Show at the end of June!

I also made some more progress on Cheryl's Bouquet [below], Tim from Canberra is also stitching this piece, so I will have to see if he has an updated photo.

I also took Nic & Shannon to the Wintersun Festival on the first weekend of June - the festival is based around all things related to the Rock 'n' Roll era & there was a display of cars from that period of time & some even older than that, so I took photos of my favourites ones :)

Don't you just love the shape of this Orange Car - how cool!

I thought the paint work on this Blue car was amazing!

This is possibly the only type of antique car that I would want to own - if I could afford it - he he he!

Not only did I love the name of this car 'Violet Crumble' but I loved the paintwork on the bonnet!

I took these photos just for my baby brother Bryan - because as a little kid he was absolutely crazy for the VW bug. His first car was a red VW with the Carrera kit - that made it look like a Porsche!

Just remembered that I haven't posted a photo my White Orchid - it is sooo beautiful - I hope you like it too :)

Anyway, I better run as hubby wants to go run some errands & maybe take me somewhere nice for coffee - so have a wonderful weekend :)

Until next time, take care & remember to hug & kiss the ones you love.

Mish :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Orchid Show

On the second last weekend of May we went to the Orchid Show at Broadbeach. There were so many beautiful flowers & I happily snapped away with my camera.

There are so many photos that I organised them into collages, but you might need to sit down with a cuppa to go through this post. So please enjoy the following photos that I took at the Orchid Show that was held at Broadbeach at the end of May 2009.

I hope you loved the photos as much as I loved the experience of the show!

Until next time, take care, stay safe & hug & kiss the ones you love.

Mish :)