Sunday, August 21, 2011

Queensland - beautiful one day, cold and windy the next!

Most of you who know where Queensland is and particularly the Gold Coast will know that the title is taken from the current tourism campaign but it has been twisted!

You see, most people think the Gold Coast is all sunshine and beautiful beaches and warm weather

... and for most of the year it is BUT at the moment we are in the midst of winter and boy is it cold this year!

Instead of waking up to another beautiful day filled with sunshine like every day since Monday; this weekend I woke up on both days to grey skies that threatened rain. :(

So, what’s a girl to do on a cold, windy and rainy day on the Gold Coast? Why, play with mosaic tiles of course!

We moved recently into a lovely house at the northern end of the Coast and were given a collapsible table by a very good friend of my hubby’s to use in our new entertainment/BBQ area. Thanks Seb :)

The only problem was the rather unattractive brown melamine covering the top – not very pretty at all. We decided to take the melamine off and replace it with mosaics! Only problem is we have never done this sort of thing before. So, after some research - thank you Google and some advice from the experts – thank you World of Tiles at Labrador; we’ve finally finished the ‘design phase’ – yeah!

In all four corners of the table we are going to have a 9 x 9 tile square

In the centre we are going to have the same pattern, just set in a diamond shape

We will be surrounding these with a 3 tile wide border of the copper tiles and the fill will be plain white tiles.

Not sure yet what colour the grout will be ... but we are open to suggestions.

Once the table is ready to use, we will have to start looking for chairs – as we only have four, unless we drag the dining chairs outside but I guess that is only a minor thing, because hopefully we will have a beautiful & unique table!

The plan is to have the table ready for mid to late September, just in time to have friends over for drinks after work on a Friday night or for a BBQ on the weekends. :)

After that, I will just have to make sure that every invitation I send out include the words ‘BYO chair’!

Until next time, take care and make sure you hug and kiss the ones you love.


Mish :)