Saturday, June 13, 2009

Uni, Needlework & Wintersun Festival

Helloo my lovelies :)

I know its been a while since our last little chat, which is the reason why this post is going to be a little long.

I've been rather busy lately, I've had 3 interviews for a new job & I find out on Monday - so keep your fingers & toes crossed for me!

I finally got the results from my Computing Assessment - my result was HD or a high distinction for those who don't understand uni lingo - HOW FANTASTIC!!!

Just waiting on my last Maths module result & the Maths Exam & I'll be finished for the first semester - we start studying again in the second week of July, which I'm looking forward to after getting such great results.

While on holidays from university I've taken the opportunity to do some needlework - I've completed a bit more of the 2008 Wiehenburg Heart [first photo] & I also started on the 2009 Heart [second photo].

I also did some more work on the Goldfish, a pattern from an old edition of the Jill Oxton magazine - I actually started working on this project while I was working at the Brisbane Craft Show, so the first photo is of the work that I did during the show & the second photo is what I've completed since. My hope is to finish & frame it in time to enter the piece into the Mudgeeraba Show at the end of June!

I also made some more progress on Cheryl's Bouquet [below], Tim from Canberra is also stitching this piece, so I will have to see if he has an updated photo.

I also took Nic & Shannon to the Wintersun Festival on the first weekend of June - the festival is based around all things related to the Rock 'n' Roll era & there was a display of cars from that period of time & some even older than that, so I took photos of my favourites ones :)

Don't you just love the shape of this Orange Car - how cool!

I thought the paint work on this Blue car was amazing!

This is possibly the only type of antique car that I would want to own - if I could afford it - he he he!

Not only did I love the name of this car 'Violet Crumble' but I loved the paintwork on the bonnet!

I took these photos just for my baby brother Bryan - because as a little kid he was absolutely crazy for the VW bug. His first car was a red VW with the Carrera kit - that made it look like a Porsche!

Just remembered that I haven't posted a photo my White Orchid - it is sooo beautiful - I hope you like it too :)

Anyway, I better run as hubby wants to go run some errands & maybe take me somewhere nice for coffee - so have a wonderful weekend :)

Until next time, take care & remember to hug & kiss the ones you love.

Mish :)

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