Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long Weekend :)

Hello my Lovelies :)

Spoke to my parents today & they are having the best time in Europe - their tour of Europe is now over & they are spending several weeks in Malta; where my dad was born.

They say that the weather is hot hot hot!

My mum has taken 3,000 photos & now needs to purchase another memory card for her camera, so she doesn't have to delete any - I can just imagine the photo night we will have when they return - a very long one indeed ... he he he!

They won't get back home until the middle of October, which means they are going to miss out on the Kung Fu Graduation in early October & that is when Nic [my son] will get his blue jacket!

Yes, that means he passed his blue belt grading a few weeks ago & all that is left is our weekly visits to the tailor to get the jacket made, attend the presentation - where his jacket will be 'given' to him & have his photo taken for displaying on the wall at HQ in Brisbane - how exciting!

He is studying Tong Long Kung Fu through the Chinese Kung Fu Academy in Brisbane - you can check out a video or two on their website & see how hard he has had to work to gain such a high level at only 17. Can you tell that I am very proud of my boy :)

The week after graduation [11 October 2009] our local school at Mudgeeraba is having an open day - so we are all madly training hard to make the event as successful as possible. I am in the process of learning how to play the cymbals so hopefully we can have live music for the Chinese Lion Dance, which is held at the beginning of the day - I just hope that we can all become proficient before then :)

I'm also trying to finish off learning 3 Tai Chi forms - an open hand form [the 42], plus put new fan & sword forms to music - so as you can imagine I will be getting together with the other two instructors on a weekly basis for some early morning [6am] training between now & then, PLUS lots more training on my own!

All of this has made my decision to withdraw from university a good thing to do - yes it was a very hard & sad decision to make but it was one that had to be done :(

We've had so much going on these past few months & the situation with hubby's compensation case looks like it may drag out until Christmas 2010 & to be honest I was having trouble juggling working full-time with Tai Chi & studying; all while trying to keep a life of family & friends happening at the same time ...

Anyway, now that I have taken the step a weight has lifted off my shoulders & I can now focus on the other things :)

This weekend we've had a long weekend on the Gold Coast for the local show - usually it rains but all the early hot weather has meant that the whole weekend was dry & beautiful!

I indulged in reading for pleasure & got through two books in three days!

'C'est la vie!' by Susan Gershman - an autobiographical story of her first two years in Paris after her husband of 25 years dies & 'The Hat Shop Around The Corner' - sorry but I forget the authors name - but it was a novel, loosely based on the experiene of the authors Aunty who had a hat shop in South Anne Street. I got totally engrossed in both books & it was lovely to spend so much time being indulgent - mind you hubby had his head burried in a Sci Fi novel or two & our son worked for most of the weekend - so the house was peaceful & quiet all weekend, bliss :)

So, my lovelies - I best be off & running, as its nearly 6pm & not only do I need to think about dinner but getting myself organised for another busy week.

Until next time, take care & make sure you hug & kiss the ones you love.

Mish :)

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