Sunday, August 2, 2009

Europe - Here We Come!

Hello My Lovelies :)

No, I'm not off on the ultimate trip to Europe :(

My mumma & my pappa left for their trip to Europe today!

About the same time that I sit down to type this, they were taxing down the runway at Sydney airport on a direct flight to London!

They are travelling with my aunty & uncle [my dad's baby sister & her husband]; they have 2 days in London with sight seeing, then a 3 week tour of Europe, then a few more days in London to recover & then they fly to Malta where they will spend approximately 6 weeks visiting & staying with family; then back home to Australia via Dubai. They fly back into Sydney airport at the beginning of October but will not return to the Gold Coast for several weeks after that; as my dad wants to spend some time visiting his 6 other brothers & sisters & all of their kids in Sydney.

When we saw them on Friday night they were excited but not even the littlest bit nervous! My uncle [who lives with them] took them to Coolangatta airport this afternoon & so I called them to say a final good bye. They had just gone through security at the airport & my dad set off the metal detector with his knee replacements - oops!

Apparently the letter from the doctor & the 2 huge scars down the front of each leg where not enough to convince security; they made him not only take off his shoes but his belt too - then they scanned his body again & only after that did they believe him!!!

Then my poor mum had to empty her entire handbag & she carries everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink - he he he :)

By the time she got to the bottom of her handbag to bring out the offensive object [a pen with a metal casing] her hands were shaking & she was almost in tears - the nerves had definitely kicked in by then - she explained all of this to me over the phone & I could hear the nerves in her voice & the tears too - which made me cry & I was calling them from a shopping centre.

I am sooo happy for them to finally be on their way on this trip, which has been in the planning for over a year or more - I have seen them save like crazy so they could enjoy this trip :)

The only bad thing about the whole experience is that their oven died last night - can you believe it :(

My uncle is going to get an electrician to come out & have a look this week but I suspect that it's time for the oven to go to the great kitchen in the sky.

So, I hatched a very clever plan this afternoon :)

Hubby & I, my uncle, my brother & son are all going to put in & buy them a new oven for Christmas! Of course, we will have it installed before they return from their trip - besides how are we going to cook the baked ham for Christmas if there is no oven .....

I took down the details of the new cooktop that they installed about 18 months ago & I'm going to start doing my research on the internet to see what the prices for a new oven are & then we are going to go & check out all the 'scartch & dent' places & possibly even visit an auction or two & see what we can come up with. Then, all I need is to find an electrician who wants to do a quick favour for us on a Saturday afternoon & install the new one for us - I'll even throw in a few beers for his trouble.

I've got approximately 6 weeks to hatch my clever little plan, which means they will all be busy with work, study & Tai Chi - plus I've got the most amazing audio book to finish - phew busy me but I'm really looking forward to seeing the looks on my parents faces when they get home!

Until next time, take care, hug & kiss the ones you love & stay safe.

Mish :)

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