Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Son Is Leaving Home

Hello My Lovelies,

It pains me to say it but my son Nic is getting ready to spread his wings & fly the coup :(

In less than eight weeks he will leave on a working holiday to Canada; I will miss him more than words can say but I am SO excited for him. He’s only going away for six months, as he’ll be returning to complete a course to become a Personal Trainer.

He has gone through lots of changes & has grown up in many ways but as every parent knows, it is only when a child leaves home & has to fend for themselves that they really grow up. All of this has got me reflecting on the past 18 months & how much he has changed.

He started 2010 in his last year of high school & in the possession of two cars! So he was very busy for someone who was still at school full-time, worked part-time at a local grocery store & studying Kung Fu! His first car, a white Ford Laser was given to him by our mechanic – lucky boy :)

The car belonged to a client of the mechanic who couldn’t afford to repair or keep the car & decided to give the car to the mechanic in the hope that he could make money from it. Nic had spent all of his summer holidays [when he wasn’t working] at the mechanics, helping out & gaining as much knowledge as he could & because the mechanic couldn’t afford to pay him for his time, he rewarded him with the vehicle. After four months of hard work the vehicle was ready to sell, which didn’t take long but it took several months to find a replacement vehicle.

Crazy I know, but there was a logical reason – Nic wanted a manual geared car & not an automatic geared car [which the Laser was], so he decided the best thing was to fix up the Laser, sell it & hopefully get enough money to put towards a better vehicle. Yes, Nic finally found his dream car – a red Honda Civic !

Since taking on a new job earlier this year he has spent a lot more time & money on his Civic, plus he bought himself a ‘project car’ a green Hyundai Excel. Thankfully for us he was able to keep the car at a friend’s house, so we haven’t had to put up with the noise & the mess involved in having a ‘project car’. He also bought himself a motorbike – something that didn’t go down too well with his grandparents!

But, now that he is about to go overseas he is madly trying to sell both of his cars, sort through all his stuff, work out what to keep & what to get rid of, finish the repairs on his motorbike [he had a minor accident several months ago] & prepare for the trip.

So in the past few weeks life has been busy advising him about the organising of his passport, flight, travel insurance, cold weather clothing & all the other bits & pieces that he’ll need.

The clock is ticking & each day it seems to go just that little bit quicker; I’m sure THE DAY will arrive before we know it & soon my house will be quiet again.

You know I still can’t decide if I’m looking forward to that day or dreading it?

Until next time, take care and make sure you hug and kiss the ones you love.


Mish :)


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