Friday, May 22, 2009

4 More Assignments & 1 Exam!

Yes, that's right - just four more assignments & one exam left & I'll be on holidays from University - yeah!

I was just thinking about how wonderful it will be to be able to spend my nights stitching, rather than sitting at my dining room table glued to my lap top.

I will of course, still do regular blog posts - actually they will be more regular & on time as I won't be preoccupied with my studies.

So, I decided to celebrate tonight by posting a photo of a very pretty, brightly wrapped present :)

Of course the photo is not mine; I'm still learning how to use my camera properly. It is a photo from the Stock Exchange website; its free to join & there are some amazing photos available - some without royalties & some with - it just depends on the photo & the photographer.

Anyway, enjoy the photo & have a wonderful weekend, whatever it is that you will be doing.

Until next time, take care, stay safe & make sure you hug & kiss the ones you love.

Mish :)

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