Friday, May 1, 2009

Craft Show Weekend

Even though I am working full-time in a contract position at a local university, I will still be working this weekend at the latest Brisbane Craft Show.

When I work at the craft show I usually go up with a rather large 'crafty' shopping list - but this show my list is quite small - hard to believe I know!

My son's girlfiend, Shannen, turns 15 on Saturday - so I will miss out on her birthday lunch on Saturday :(

But I am going to make her a bracelet as a present & I'm hopeful that there will be some beautiful beads to purchase from the show - so that is on the top of Saturday's list.

I promise I will post a photo next week, along with the present that my Nic bought for her; which is also very lovely :)

I did start creating a needlework present for Shannen for her birthday, but with working & my uni studies I just could not possibly finish it in time - so that will become her Christmas pressie instead - which makes my life easy as I won't have to think about what to get for her then.

My shopping list for Sunday is quite small - I am going to find out the price [only] on a portable stitching lamp & magnifier & I want to purchase a particular needlework kit [which I usually dislike] that I will make up & frame for Nic's 17th birthday in June this year.

Other than this, I really don't have anything else that I would like to get, but there are a few stands that I will definitely be visiting & who knows what nice things they will have that will catch my attention ...

The funniest thing happened with my needlework this week!

I am part of a Yahoo group for Aussie stitchers [mainly cross stitch] & I made a comment on the group that I simply had to know who the designer was of one particular piece that Tim is working on. Luckily both Tim & Val sent me the link to the designers page - it turned out the piece was a free pattern that was created to celebrate the life of a very dear friend.

Cheryl was the type of person who would only encourage others with their stitching & the design was to celebrate her zest for life & for people - the website has asked that if you stitch the piece that you should try & use bold & bright colours - as they were her favourites. So the design is called Cheryl's Bouquet :)

Tim, is using a verigated thread & has started stitching in the centre & he is using a fabric with lurex through the fibre - very colourful :)

I am stitching the piece in black & white thread on a Honey coloured linen & I have started stitching in the top corner - I do intend to change over to black thread again when I get to the edge of the motif that Tim is currently stitching.

I cannot wait to see both projects finished - as I'm sure the contrast is going to be amazing. I think that is the aspect that I love about needlework the most - that two people can stitch exactly the same design & just by using different fabrics & threads the end results can be totally different :)

So, other than the craft show I will be spending the Monday public holiday glued to my laptop doing uni studies - oh what fun! Actually, it will be good to get through some more maths & get ahead in my other subjects.

Until next time, take care & stay safe.

Mish :)

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