Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick Post :)


Just a very quick post today - while I madly work on the final two assessments due for University on Friday.

I just received the results of my algebra module test - my mark was 85%

Can you believe that!

I am a very happy girl about this result; because if I can keep up this level for the remainder of my course then I should be on track for a Credit or Distinction in the final BIG exam in late September.

We have the choice whether we sit for the BIG exam at the end or not - there are two other smaller exams that we have to pass but the last one is an optional extra; which insanely as it sounds I want to sit for, so I can accurately gauge my effort for the year.

Now, I'm waiting on the results of my algebraic equation module test - which hopefully will arrive before Saturday.

You see on Saturday I sit my final exam for maths for this semester - luckily it is the only exam I actually have to do, all the other subjects are making us submit essays.

So, I am spending these few days concentrating on handing in any outstanding assessments & trying to complete as many sample tests as I can.

So loves, off I go - back to the grindstone!

Until next time, stay safe & hug & kiss the ones you love.

Mish :)

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