Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can't Sleep

This post was going to be about my weekend & uni, but I've just been on Facebook & seen how so many of my friends suffer from insomnia. So, I thought that today would be the perfect opportunity to post the following.

Let me ask you a question ... what do you do when you cannot sleep? After putting off creating my own blog for 7 months I went to bed that first night feeling happy & satisfied that I had crossed off ONE thing from my list. You know that list; the list of things to do, things to stop doing, things you want, things you need, things you want to change, things you want to improve – THAT list!

So, off to bed I go on but nearly 2 hours later I’m still awake, even watching David Letterman did not help me fall asleep! At midnight I gave up & went downstairs & started typing this post, even though I didn’t publish until now.

I’ve been putting up with insomnia all my life & there are times when it’s been a handy thing to have. Like, when you are reading the most amazing book that you simply cannot put down; or when you are trying to finish a handmade present for someone. January 1999 comes to mind, I was able to stay awake until 4am to finish off this wedding present of needlework [photo below].

My baby brother dealt with his insomnia last night by writing a song; other friends read, some drink hot tea or make hot milk. But I have to wonder if any of these old remedies work ...

So tell me, what do you do? I would love to know how other people cope with insomnia ...
Until next time, stay safe

Mish :)


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  1. HI Mish...

    When I am laying there tossing and turning hours after going to bed... I imagine that I am on a beach... I have a stick in my hand and I am drawing numbers in the sand... backwards from 150.... So you imagine you take the stick - you draw the 0... you draw the 5 you draw the one... then you are up to 149 so you draw the nine, then the four then the 1... then the 8 then the 4 then the 1, then the 7 then the 4 then the 1...

    I have only ever made it back to 135...

    Trial it - others I have suggested it to say it also works for them.