Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life & Work Update

It's Tuesday & I am still looking for a job. I've now been out of work for two weeks & I know most people would be saying that I'm being silly for starting to stress about not working after such a short period of time, but I can't help it. I went for an interview yesterday for a part-time position at a snack bar - the hours would have been perfect & still given me enough time to complete all uni work; but unfortunately they called at 5pm on Monday to say that I didn't get the job :(

I am trying to keep myself busy & upbeat while looking for work, but some days are easier than others. Last Friday was a bad day, I cannot explain why but I felt sad & depressed; so hubby suggested I pull my iPod out & go for a walk. So I took his advice & did just that - you know sometimes he's a very smart man - he he he!

I walked into town & on my way back I saw a grandmother pushing her two grandchildren on the local swings; my right knee was sore & I needed a rest so I decided to take a seat on the bench next to the swings. The children were laughing & squealing with delight as their grandmother pushed them; it was so wonderful to watch these children receive such pleasure from something so simple. After they left I decided to try out the swing myself & ended up spending about 15 minutes swinging! It was so much fun & it made me feel so much better that I had a smile on my face by the time I got home :)

Saturday was my normal routine again; training, teaching, lunch, errands - while I am not working I am going to have to make sure I run my errands, shopping, etc on another day than Saturday afternoon. There seemed to be quite a few rude people at the shops - sheesh!

Sunday; hubby & I went for a ride on the motorbike & then came home for lunch & watched an Elvis movie. It's nice to have our little routine on a Sunday & quite comforting when my week is so topsy turvy.

I spent Monday attending the job interview & then ran a few errands - see I am trying to change. I spent the afternoon finishing off the needlework design for my friend in Sydney; now I can start stitching! Monday evening is always taken up with teaching & training too - I really enjoy being a Tai Chi instructor & it's great that one of my fellow instructors is an accupunturist & masseuse as I realised during the warm up exercises that I hurt my shoulder in the afternoon. I admitt that when I am on the computer designing needlework I get so involved in what I am doing that I tend to sit wrong & that was why my shoulder was sore. Fortunately, Toni very kindly offered to massage it back into normality & after my shower I pulled out our electronic massage machine that has infa red & gave my shoulder some more treatment - feels better today :)

So far today I have finished off making myself a poncho :) I started working on the poncho last winter - the thing is that I made it too big [about 6 sizes too big!] & now I need to go get some large buttons to turn it into a poncho/cardigan. Which means that I can start working on the knitted vest for hubby again - I started the vest four years ago & because the humidity in summer is so high I only work on it during the colder months; I have finished stitching the body section on the front of the vest & I'm a third of the way up the back. Once I've finished knitting the body section of the back, I will then start on shaping the armholes - bear in mind that I am not a knitter but hopefully this means that he might be able to wear it for next winter!

So today I had planned to update my blog, scanning the job websites & then log onto the University website & see if I can work out how to use the student blackboard; but unfortunately at 9am the internet threw a tantrum & has only just decided to start working again at 1.30pm, so I've been delayed on getting things done.

Maybe I am a little slow or just "special" [I've always been a bit special - he he he!] but I have tried several times to use the uni student blackboard but I just don't seem to be able to get it to work properly - I think perhaps it's time to call the support people at uni & ask for some help!

I did have other plans for this week & went out on the weekend & purchased myself a hoodie [top picture] so that I can start to get up earlier in the morning & go for a walk into town or even jump in the car & go down to the beach - I thought that way I am getting some exercise while getting myself out of the house & hopefully once I start working again it will become part of my normal routine. Unfortunately Cyclone Hamish is attacking the Gold Coast with strong winds & intermittent rain & my hoddie is not waterproof [didn't think I would need it to be] so I cannot start my walking routine & hubby is home & not working too. Thankfully he is keeping to himself, he has taken over the office/spare room to read a novel - he loves cowboy stories & has been borrowing lots of these books from the library for the past six months. It's great to see him read but there are times when he get so involved in the story that he forgets about the rest of us - but then anyone who loves to read knows exactly what I mean!

So, now that my plans have been turned upside down I've had to adjust what I had planned to do. Wednesday I will try & spend the whole day working on uni stuff; Thursday I have an appointment with Centrelink [government support agency] & I think I will take my book with me to read while I wait. I started reading the Egyptian series by Wilbur Smith again for the third time last November & I am part way through Warlock which is the third book - so maybe this time I will actually finish reading them.

Anyway, this is turning into a really, really long post! So, I shall say goodbye :) Have a wonderful week [whatever you are doing], love deeply, laugh loudly & dance like nobody is watching!

Take care,
Mish :)

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  1. Hi Mish,

    I started to write and whoosh off it went some where??? But I read back on your blog and you asked if bloggers were truthful and told all. I do but don't have too many bad things in my life.. I am retired and stitch, garden and read.. I have a wonderful husband and our third wedding anniversary is July this year.. I don't write about everything in my blog as my step daughters who are now away from home read it so I can't moan about them on it!
    My blog is maily for my stitching and the garden and I have met some wonderful friends through it..
    We were in Australia for February and part of March this year but only the East coast where I have relatives as my grand mothers sister and family emigrated there in 1912..
    We loved it..
    I shall pop to see how you're doing, hope you find a job if thats what you want.