Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What a Week!

Boy, what a week I just had!

Three job interviews, teaching, lots & lots of uni work & I decided to go all "Sadie the cleaning lady" & tidy up some of the house. Those who know me will fall over at that, as I am a terrible housewife - thankfully my hubby wears glasses, so he doesn't see the dust - lol!

So the week went like this. Monday, job interview, uni work, teaching & training, washing & a late night. Tuesday, more uni work, some house cleaning, a trip to the op shop with some donations & another late night. Wednesday, still more uni work [I am in the middle of an assessment], washing, shopping & another late night. Thursday, another job interview, running errands, more washing & another late night. Friday, last job interview for the week, ran some more errands, shopping, trip to the Surfers Paradise night markets & another late night.

As you can imagine all these late nights are starting to get me down, my insomnia is playing up something shocking & I find that the usual fixes are not working - even David Letterman isn't boring enough to make me fall asleep - argh! My son Nic is also starting to experience insomnia, the other night he was awake until 1am, luckily I was able to drive him to school the next morning but that's only because I'm not working.

I have to admit that part of the reason why I am experiencing so much insomnia lately is that I'm still looking for work; so far I haven't even been able to get a part-time retail or admin job & the whole situation is getting very frustrating. I am trying to keep myself motivated with various craft projects that I am working on in a rotation basis - my version of a rotation is that I work on the one that I want to finish first.

My projects are - making hubby a knitted vest & some pure wool bed socks - I want to finish them before our trip to Tenterfield at Easter [just hope we can still afford it when the time comes]. My next unfinished project is for my girlfriend's 40th birthday present & I'm still yet to start the needlework present for our friends with the new baby girl in Sydney, plus I need to make some adjustments to my summer pyjamas & if I'm really honest there is a pile of clothing repairs yet to complete.

So, you can see that I have plenty of projects to keep me occupied during the day; plus you need to add looking for a job & uni work too, but there are still times when even working on these fails to keep me going. Unforuntately I think my sadness is due to the fact that I am not working & at the moment it seems regardless of how many jobs I apply for & how hard I try I just don't seem to be able to get a job. It's so frustrating that employers don't seem to have the time to call or email you to say "thanks but no thanks" - I really do understand, at an interview last week they tole me they had over 350 applications for a part-time position - can you imagine that!

Anyway, I really need to give myself a good kick & stop being so depressing - so from this point forward I promise I will try & post only positive things or I won't post at all! Mind you, that could mean it will be a long time between posts - lol!

Seriously, I will try from today forward to find the positive in things.

OK - first attempt at being positive. I am thankfull that I have the time during the day to work on the many craft projects that are sitting on or around my dining table at the moment, if I was working full-time I would be spending all my nights doing uni work & not have any time spare for craft - so that is a positive :)

I guess that wasn't too hard - now I have to find a silver lining in everything else that is happening at the moment & I think that is going to take a little more time than I have here in this post.

So, until next time when I PROMISE I will post something happy, take care & stay safe.

Mish :)

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