Monday, March 2, 2009

Why The Red Laptop?

I've been asked why name my blog "The Red Laptop"? Well, it's quite simple; I run my blog from my laptop & my laptop is Red!

I purchased my Sonya VIAO laptop in early 2008 to use for my part-time study at TAFE & this year I'm using it for part-time study at Central Queensland University. The main reason I decided to purchase was because both my boys were spending so much time on our home computer that I hardly got the chance to use it. The purchase came at the right time as our main computer at home decided to start playing up a couple of months after I got the laptop & now hubby & I can both be on the computer at the same time without inconveniencing the other :)

I'm still looking for a new job, but I've decided in between spending my days on Seek & other websites looking for work I should also complete a project or two! So today I started working on the 40th birthday present for my girlfriend Jennifer [cannot say too much in case she reads this post] but I am quite happy with the progress & both my boys say it's looking fantastic. I just hope that Jennifer likes it as much as we do when I finish it & give it to her :)

I haven't started working on the baby present design for my friend in Sydney but I hope to get to this project by the end of this week - I'll only get delayed if I get a job before then; which I am hoping is exactly what happens - so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Again, we had a wonderful weekend. Saturday was the usual routine; training, teaching, lunch, errands, housework & then I spent the evening reading & watching the movie "Overboard" with Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell - it's still a fun movie, even after all these years!

On Sunday hubby & I went for a ride on the motorbike & on the way back decided to drop into the Emerald Lakes development for a coffee at the cafe; out the front of the cafe stood man & a lady who were waiting for the woman's husband. The gentleman [Ian] introduced himself to us as we were both wearing the same shoes & we just hit it off! We ended up having a late lunch with them & spent the afternoon laughing, eating, talking & drinking some really nice Italian White Wine :)

The good news is that I think I have found myself a new hairdresser! At the moment I have very short hair [see photo below] but I intend on growing it in the next few months. My hair is very thick, wavy & has a mind of it's own, so my hairdresser needs to cut it while working along with the natural wave that my hair has & unfortunately the hairdresser that I have been seeing for the past few years doesn't seem to have this skill. She is a lovely young lady & a very clever with colour but she always straightens my hair before she cuts it. Which works really well if I straighten it again everyday [which I very rarely do] & does not work too well when my hair is left to dry naturally [which I do all the time]. So, I need a new hairdresser who can cut my hair along with it's natural curl - so hopefully I have found myself a new hairdresser :)

Anyway, I hope that also had a great weekend. Take care of yourself & have a fantastic week & I promise I will post again the second I get a new job. Wish me luck!


Mish :)


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