Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sleep - The Elusive State

Can't sleep again - argh!!!

Suspect that I only have myself to blame - eating too many sweet chilli & sour cream chippies late at night - reading too many blog posts - playing one too many games of mah jong on the computer & I should have gone for that walk at 5pm today.

Had another job interview today & got another no ... sigh.

The longer this process takes the more I doubt myself & my ability to do anything; like uni work, be a good mum/wife/housewife [never!].

Thanks to being sick last week for three days [all better now & thanks to everyone who sent me good wishes] I'm behind in uni work & feeling rather flat about having to catch up. Hopefully I will feel more like hitting the books in the morning.

On a happier note I've finished knitting a vest for hubby, which he loves - just need to take the photos & I picked up a few goodies at the Gold Coast Craft Show on the weekend [more later].

Off to bed to try & get some sleep.

Mish :)

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