Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I think I understand Algebra!

I just had to post this quickly - I CANNOT believe that I flunked the basic level of maths in school & now I think I actually understand Algebra - OMG!!!

We were suppose to start these lessons last week but I had to delay it, as I needed to resit my 2nd module maths test - still waiting on my results :(

So, tonight I got home, got changed & sat down at my laptop & started working on only maths - I want to get at least one week in front, so that I have the option to go back & redo, if I need to.

But it seems that I might not need to take this option - still it will be nice to be a week in front.

Tomorrow night I am going to work on the last third of this section & hopefully finish off the test for the end of the module.

Then next week I can start working on the other third of the 9th lesson, which is Equations.

Oh what fun!

Until next time, take care.

Mish :)

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