Monday, April 20, 2009

Stitching Progress on Wiehenburg Heart

Hello Again :)

Got two more progress photos to show you of the work I have done on the Weihenburg Heart.

The first photo is Friday nights stitching effort & the second photo is Saturday nights stitching effort.

I am really happy with the progress I have made & I cannot wait to finish this one & start working on the 2009 design.

Back at university this week, only problem is we've had a few email issues at home & I suspect that uni is experiencing the same challenges - as they haven't sent us this weeks work update.

Never mind - I'll just have to make sure that I log on bright & early Tuesday morning, so that I don't fall behind.

I've had a busy day today, running errands, washing, dealing with our email problems & I have Tai Chi tonight - it will be a nice way to end today.

The weekend was also busy - I started Saturday morning as normal with Tai Chi training & then teaching. After that hubby & I ran an errand or two & did have plans to go out for coffee but we needed to go home to drop off my set of house keys to Nic [he left them at the mechanics on Friday] - only problem was that once we got home I fell asleep on the lounge for a few hours; so I spent Saturday evening stitching into the wee small hours.

Sunday morning I slept in, luckily we got to the markets just in time to pick up all the fruit & vegetables we need for the week. We even found a new stall that sells pre-made Japanese Curry Sauce - it was more spicey than hot & we took home a packet of the sauce to use for dinner later this week :)

We spent the afternoon visiting my parents & uncle - Mum & Dad are going to Europe for 10 weeks later this year - lucky things! Can you believe that Mum is already making plans for who needs to do what while they are away ... typical mother, we can never be too organised can we - lol!

Speaking of which, I think I might have to start planning my 'shopping list' for the trip - how exciting!

Until next time, take care & stay safe.

Mish :)


  1. What a great start to the Wiehenburg heart. Pretty red fabric!

  2. great start to the Xstitch project.
    my parents are in NZ at the moment, my mum packed 2 weeks before she was going.....25 days, and 4 pairs of shoes! lol.....every time I spoke to her, she would tell me about what she was packing. We were in Wales for 10 days over Easter. I packed 12 hours before we left, and we all had one pair of walking shoes each! Funny!

  3. Very pretty start Mish... can't wait to see it finished :)