Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Uni Work & Craft

This week is full of assessments for university, finishing off some final crafty projects & getting organised for our trip to Tenterfield for Easter!

Below is a photo of the vest that I made for hubby; granted it is a little large but he's not exactly small & I looked everywhere for a pattern but could not find one, so I made it up as I knitted. Hubby says the vest is lovely & warm & it is the first thing he will pack for our trip to Tenterfield.

Later tonight or tomorrow I will finish making him a pair of bed socks - basically they are just too long tubes of wool. I am going to have to get some ribbon to use as ties for the top; but at least they will keep his feet warm [photo later].

For those of you that don't know my hubby, he's 6'6" & a human imitation of a bear, only with less hair!

The vest took 6 balls of wool for the front two panels & about 9 balls for the back & finishing. The wool is mohair, cotton & acrylic blend & was given to me by a friend ages ago. Problem is I don't remember who, but I must say a HUGE THANK YOU to them anyway.

University work this week has been full on as this is our last week before the Easter break & of course there are assessments to hand in for nearly every subject. I have yet to finish the Maths assessment [which I can send in via email], but that one always seems to be last; probably because Maths is my worst subject.

Thankfully the assessment for Language & Learning [English plus extras] is done & I will post it off to my lecturer today [cannot be sent via email]. I emailed my two Computing assessments to the lecturer this morning & there are no assessments due for TPS [tertiary preparation skills], but I have made sure that I am up to date with everything.

I am planning on using my holiday break to re-read some of the resource material sent to me to see if anything new can be found or if there was something that I missed; I'm also going to ask my son if he would be willing to help me review Maths - that way I have an actual person to ask questions.

This seems to be the most difficult aspect of being an external student; because you do not get face-to-face time with your lecturers, if you get stuck on a tricky problem then you have to try & explain it via email & I'm not very good at this or very quick at picking up Maths. I am still waiting on the results of my last maths assessment from two weeks ago, but I think the reason is that the lecturer is busy - hopefully I will have the result before my holidays.

We normally stay home at Easter but this year decided to take a trip out into the country to Tenterfield. Hubby & I are partners in 1,500 hectares of Aussie bush 82km [51 miles] west of the town & our plan is to eventually move out there to live. We will be staying with Linda [partner in land] for four days & will be dropping Nic off at a friend's in Warwick on the way.

The plan is to visit the land & do some walking over it, explore the surrounding area & see how feasible it will be for us to start building out there later this year. Our first project will be a large machinery shed with a small cottage annexed on the side. The cottage will be one large room that will contain a bed, kitchen, bathroom & living area & will become our 'base camp' for when we commence building the main house.

We think that we want to build the house on top of the plateau but the base camp has main road access & the plateau doesn't, so we will need to use it as the location to drop off supplies, etc. I will be taking lots of photos of the land & the surrounding area, so that we will have something to use when we start planning the actual house.

It's certainly going to be one big adventure - one that we are both looking forward to!

Finally, this is a photo of my son, Nic, wearing his new sunglasses; only problem is that because the photo was taken at night you cannot see that the lenses are mirrored!

He thinks he looks pretty cool & I have to agree with him!

Until next time, take care.

Mish :)

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