Friday, April 3, 2009

Gold Coast Craft Show

I promised in an earlier post to tell you what happened at the recent Gold Coast Craft Show; which was held at the Convention Centre at Broadbeach.

I spent the three days of the show helping out Helen at Stitchabout - she sells great cross stitch kits, charts & some fabric; it was great to spend the time with her & I found out that she was a Millinery major at TAFE but didn't go into the profession as she fell pregnant with her daughter.

At the end of the show I picked up a few pieces from Helen:

* By The Fire - cross stitch kit from Anchor

* Jardin d' Rouge - chart from Needlemania

* Tres Mariposas [3 butterflies] - chart from Calico Crossroads

* Lucky Owls - chart & fabric for handmade stuffed Owls from Be Be Bold Japanese Textiles

Be Be Bold Japanese Textiles had some of the most beautiful japanese fabric I have seen in quite a while - only problem for me was that I have put a moratorium on myself from purchasing anymore fabric, until I finish my current sewing projects.

I also want Windswept which is the companion piece to By The Fire, hopefully Helen will remember to bring it with her to the Brisbane show in May. From what I know these two are reproductions of designs released by Anchor in the 1930's.

I also picked up a few pieces of fabric from the boys at Sew It All.

* Three pieces of linen with opalescent thread through them & one piece of red linen.

I am not sure what projects the opalescent fabric is for but the red linen is for a freebie pattern from Stickideen von der Wiehenburg .

I am part of the Yahoo Group of Martina Dey, the designer & she has graciously given members of the group a free pattern to stitch. Quite a few ladies in the group are stitching this pattern in various colourways & on different fabrics & I thought that a white heart on red would look nice [I will post progress photos later].

* A piece of natural 32 count linen for the band sampler 'A Grateful Heart'. I'm not sure how this project is going to be as I have never worked on such small a count fabric before - wish me luck :)

The pattern comes from the Just Cross Stitch magazine & is in three parts, so it will be almost September before I have the complete pattern & I am able to start working on this piece.

I suspect that I will possibly change the colours in the chart, as the example uses The Gentle Art Sampler Threads & I will use DMC Cottons, as I prefer the robustness & colourfastness of the DMC - so there might have to be some colour changes to make the finished project look right.

So, I came home with a rather nice stash. Mind you it was not as large as some of the ladies that I saw at the show!

I had a great couple of days & now just have to find the time to fit these projects in around my uni studies & hopefully some part-time work!

Until next time, take care & stay safe.


Mish :)

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